SmokeSafe® Draft Curtain System

Proven. Reliable. Cost-Effective.

Taking the right steps to protect your property can go a long way in guarding the safety and well-being of personnel. With the proper equipment, you do more than uphold a solid work environment: you also protect your profitability and bottom line. Is your facility protected against smoke damage? Reinforce your property and critical structures with the help of Smoke Containment Solutions. We are your source for draft curtains in Clarksville, VA. With our quality smoke containment and fire control systems, you have the equipment you need to prevent disaster while protecting your employees and your products.

The Versatile Property Protection Solution

Technology is advancing. As your industry evolves, so too must the facilities you utilize. Although advances and market patterns shift, the damage that fire and smoke can bring is always a constant, unchanging threat. Building codes and their safety standards can change, so it is important to have the capabilities to adapt.

Let us help you protect your property and people. We facilitate draft curtain installation services. By utilizing the latest in smoke control and draft curtain technology, we can implement a state-of-the-art system that upholds the strength and integrity of your facility. With our products, you can mitigate and control the effects that fire and smoke might have on your property.

  • Approved & Experienced

    Our system is fire-code approved nationwide and internationally. We do not subcontract our installations out to others. Every installation is completed by our trained SmokeSafe® Technicians. Our engineers and designers can implement a smoke control system that integrates seamlessly with your fire control systems even if you utilize both standard and ESFR sprinkler systems. It is our flexibility and client-forward approach that sets us apart from the competition.

  • We Stand Behind Our Products

    We stand behind our product, our technicians, and our work. There is not a company anywhere else that will do a better job, prove more dependable, or display more integrity than us. After 25 years in the industry, we understand the specific needs of engineers, architects, fire protection professionals, government officials, and building owners. This is evident by our full 2 Year Warranty of the SmokeSafe® Containment System.

  • Superior Technology is in Your Favor

    The proven SmokeSafe System® can be used in virtually any interior application. Not only is the system aesthetically pleasing, but it is also very light and perfect for retro-fits and existing buildings as it adds virtually no weight to the structure. It is installed in a fraction of the time of metal or other systems, and it creates no dust, debris, or residue when installed. The material is anti-fungal; it will not stretch and is resistant to mold and mildew.

From Our Clients

Draft Curtain Technology Warranty

2 Year Guarantee – Double the Industry Standard

Smoke Containment Solutions provides a full 2-year draft curtain technology warranty. We guarantee our design, materials, and workmanship for twice the industry standard, or two years following the installation.

This warranty is verification of the confidence we have in the SmokeSafe® System and the experienced technicians that we provide for smoke curtain installation.