Data & Design

Individually Customized SmokeSafe® Smoke Containment System

For Your Property's Specific Needs

With our knowledge, experience and on-staff engineer we are able to help you include the SmokeSafe® Smoke Containment System as an integral part of your design.

We have well over 100 different connections and details for practically any situation or field condition. We are willing and glad to help customize or create any connection detail that may be needed for your project.

Please contact us and we will get to work on it right away!

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Connection Details

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Trust the SmokeSafe® Containment System

Proven. Reliable. Cost-Effective.

Smoke and heat damage are leading factors that can cause premature deterioration or outright destruction of industrial facilities. Our smoke containment and fire curtain products are specially designed to minimize the impact of smoke and fire. By utilizing our solutions, you can protect inventory, limit the loss of products and equipment, and slow down the progress of a fire.

We Design And Install Draft Curtains According To The Needs Of Your Facility.