Draft Curtains, Smoke and Fire Control Systems For Your Commercial Facility

SmokeSafe® Draft Curtain System
Proven. Reliable. Cost-Effective.

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Protect Inventory, Limit Loss with a Smoke and Fire Curtain System

Our SmokeSafe® Containment System will save you money and time up front and in the future.

Let us help you meet your fire code requirements in a more economical and aesthetically pleasing solution. We have experience in building fire suppression systems that create the fire barrier you need. There is not a company anywhere else that will do a better job, prove more dependable, or display more integrity than us.

  • Complete turn-key solutions for our draft curtains and smoke containment system
  • Perfect for retrofits and existing buildings
  • Minimal time for installation, with no debris, dust, or residue
  • Material is resistant to mold and mildew

What is the SmokeSafe®
Containment System?

Smoke and heat damage are leading factors that can cause premature deterioration or outright destruction of industrial facilities. Our smoke containment and fire curtain products are specially designed to minimize the impact of smoke and fire. By utilizing our solutions, you can protect Inventory, limit the loss of products and equipment, and slow down the progress of a fire.

We design and install draft curtains according to the needs of your facility.

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  • Fire Code Approved

    Our SmokeSafe® Containment System is fire-code approved nationwide and internationally with a 2-year warranty – double the industry standard.

  • Experienced Professionals

    The SmokeSafe Draft Curtain System is installed by the most experienced technicians in the industry. Many of our trained installation technicians have over 25 years of experience working directly with general contractors, property owners and fire protection engineers. As with most field installed systems there are always small changes and deviations required in the field during installation and we have the experience and knowledge to make suggestions and provide solutions to keep your project on schedule.

  • End-to-End

    We will work with you from design, to fabrication, to installation, and we stand behind our product, our technicians, and our work.

Draft Curtains

Why Choose Smoke Containment Solutions?

Aside from our two-year warranty, we are well-versed in NFPA Standards, recent building code revisions, and additions, and draft curtain technology. We have years of experience working with engineers, architects, fire protection professionals, government officials, and building owners, and therefore understand your curtain system’s specific needs. With over 25 years in the smoke containment industry, we can help with any sized project, and offer complete turn-key solutions.

We are highly adaptive. Our engineers and designers can implement a smoke control system that integrates seamlessly with your curtain systems even if you utilize both standard and ESFR sprinkler systems.

Your draft curtain installation can involve a fire barrier, fire partition, or any mixture of smoke control products.

It is our flexibility and client-forward approach that sets us apart from the competition.

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Where is SmokeSafe® used?

Mitigate and control the effects that fire and smoke might have on your property

  • Fire Barriers
    Warehousing & Storage

    Draft curtains help protect inventory, limit loss, and make storage & retail buildings safe in the case of a fire. Draft curtains are installed in a predetermined pattern to break up the ceiling area into much smaller containment areas. The depth of the curtain, the location, the storage materials, and the height of the storage all contribute to the draft curtain requirement and solution that is right for your space.

  • Smoke Containment System
    Aircraft Hangers

    Draft curtains are required in many aircraft hangars. There is no other more cost-effective and reliable solution than the SmokeSafe® Containment System. Smoke curtain installation is professionally handled by our experienced technicians when used as part of the NFPA 409 Standard for Aircraft Hangars. We will gladly help with the design and layout to ensure a quality smoke curtain installation for these specialized needs.

  • Draft Curtain Installation
    Sprinkler Separation

    Most times, when standard and ESFR sprinkler systems are used adjacent to each other, a draft curtain is required to separate them. A SmokeSafe® Containment System is perfect for this application as it is easily installed around any size or shape obstruction (conduit, pipes, beams, cable trays, joists, purlins, or otherwise). It is also installed quickly without interruption to the facility’s business operation.

Draft Curtain Technology Warranty

We double the industry-standard warranty.

Smoke Containment Solutions provides a full 2-year draft curtain technology warranty. We guarantee our design, materials, and workmanship for twice the industry standard, or two years following the smoke curtain installation.

This warranty is verification of the confidence we have in the SmokeSafe® System and the experienced technicians that we provide for smoke curtain installation.